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Now that your resume is done and dusted, it\’s time for the interview. An interview is probably one of the most important part of applying for a job. This is when the employers will try to get to know you a little better and of course, try to challenge you with questions and pressure at the same time. So it\’s highly important to be prepared for an interview as you could miss the opportunity simply by making the mistake of not being prepared. There are also other mistakes to watch out for. The following articles can help you point out the mistakes you need to avoid for your interview.

4 Job Interview Mistakes That Everyone Makes and You Can Avoid

First, people don\’t take the time to prepare for the \”Tell us about yourself\” question. They may spend time preparing for the \”What\’s your greatest weakness?\” question but figure they can \”wing it\” with the \”Tell us about yourself\” response because their attitude is, \”Hey, who knows me better than me?\”

But once faced with that question in the interview, they freeze up. I\’ve seen it time and time again, both in mock interviews and in actual interviews. When I pose that question, I get the deer-caught-in-headlights look staring back at me. The candidate has no idea where to start or what to include in their answer.

Third, most candidates don\’t bring a professional portfolio with samples of their work to share. Or, if they do, they don\’t present them properly. Always have on hand a few tangible samples of past work. Pull it out and show it when you\’re telling your specific story of how you\’ve demonstrated that particular skill. Think of it like \”show-n-tell\” from your elementary school days! (read more at inc.com)


In a job interview, there are plenty of ways to prove that you’re a great fit for the position, highlighting your career wins and achievements, sharing your insights about the industry, aligning yourself with the company’s values and so on. But what we tend to overlook are the deadly interview mistakes applicants often make, that can be avoided.

Appearing Disinterested – A positive attitude and bringing energy to the interview are essential. Don\’t let yourself zone out or look complacent during an interview. Make sure you are well-rested, alert and prepared. Getting distracted and missing a question looks bad on your part. If you zone out, your potential employer will wonder how you will be able to stay focused during a day on the job, if you can\’t even focus during one interview.

Dressing Inappropriately – When you interview for a job, it\’s imperative to look professional and polished. Although your attire may vary based on the position you\’re applying for-wear business casual clothing to a non-professional job or startup and casual garb to an interview at a company you know is very laid back. It\’s important to look well-dressed and put together, no matter what the company, but do your best to match their corporate culture so you look like you will fit in.

Appearing Arrogant – There is nothing much worse than interviewing someone who goes on and on and on about how good you are. Keep your answers succinct, professional, to-the-point and focused and by all means, don\’t ramble. (read more at kusi.com)

Top ten job interview mistakes

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