Interviewing Techniques, Tips & Questions



When preparing to interview a job candidate, the first step an employer must take is to review the candidate\’s resume and cover letter to minimize the amount of time spent having to go over the basics during the interview. This gives the interviewer a better sense of who they are about to meet and allows more time to ask questions of greater significance.

Going into the interview, the employer must also remember to keep an open mind, avoid subjectivity, and remain patient. They may not particularly like the person they are interviewing but giving the candidate a fair chance of explaining his or her value can lead to the hire of an excellent new employee.

While managers and recruiters must look for skilled, qualified employees to fill their open positions, they must also take into account the candidate\’s character and decide whether it is a fit for what the job entails. This requires the employer to come up with interviewing questions not only tailored to the position and company but also to the character traits the company is seeking in its employee.

A few key interviewing questions to ask include what the candidate normally does at work on his or her downtime, if they enjoy working independently, in a team setting, or in a leadership position, what aspects of work make them frustrated, and if they believe they can handle changing work conditions without becoming overwhelmed. Asking the candidate to explain how they have solved problems at work in the past also helps the interviewer determine the sort of worker the candidate is – whether he or she performs better in a team or independently and what this person\’s role will be within the company.

Following these interviewing techniques will ultimately lessen the difficulty in choosing the right candidate for the job and equip the company with an excellent new asset.

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