The Top 4 Reasons Why Your Resume Could Get Rejected

resumeAs a seasoned recruiter, I’ve seen some of the best, most hire-ready, and the worst, outdated, torn resumes. These, for a fact, are some of the reasons that affect the applicant’s hire-ability and I truthfully admit that these are some of the reasons why I don’t even bother to call the candidate for an interview.


Worn out wrinkled and papers almost take the resume into the bottom end of the stack. These are the types that get recycled as scratch papers. Resumes should always be kept clean, wrinkle-free, and crisp.

Keep your most valued piece protected in a folder while in your bag to avoid getting it crumpled before it reaches the reception. Also, avoid using hard, glitter, and scented paper as this is one sign that you’re desperate to get hired.

Grammatical Errors and Spelling Mistakes

grammarThese mistakes take the value of the resume away and may give an impression that you are not keen to detail. Keep in mind that subject-verb agreement, tenses, and punctuations matter. Not unless you’re applying for a graphic artist position, laborer, or a non-desk job, having these errors make an impact to your application.

Have someone proofread your work or write your resume using software that has spelling and grammar check. Also, be mindful of the dates, company names, and other keywords as it could be annoying for a recruiter to have to correct it for you.

It’s Not Well Formatted

Hiring managers are gauging individuals with how their resumes appear professional. Remember that most of the time, your resume gets to meet the manager before you do and just like what they used to say, the resume is just as good as the applicant. Hence, remember to format it well with regular font style, consistent capitalizations, and avoid using different sized fonts as the text will look uneven.

While there are many downloadable resume formats online, make sure your resume doesn’t look borrowed. A customized composition with skills and experiences highlighted well enough to fit the position applied for will earn you higher chances of getting the job.

It’s Just too Long

While your experiences matter, the number of the pages in your resume won’t necessarily equate to your skills or talent. A hiring manager will often only be interested in reading the first two pages. So make sure you’ve tried to keep your details as brief and precise as possible. If there’s one paragraph about your roles and responsibilities that can be switched into a bulleted format or paraphrased, do so.

If the spaces between one line from the next are too far, optimize them to just the right readable distance from each other. It’s utterly ridiculous to have a 4 to 5-page resume where in all there is are spacing, huge fonts, and unnecessary images like your old company’s logo. Keep your resume short yet concise and precise.

Make your resume your ticket to success, not another piece to be shredded after reading.

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