5 Questions You Should Ask Your Potential Employer During An Interview

“Do you have questions for me,” applicants get this all the time.

Contrary to popular belief, answering “No” should only be done when you have extensive knowledge about the company you’re applying at, which does not happen all the time.

While responding with “None yet” may sound better, a next opportunity to ask questions may no longer be a possibility, especially when a silent, unwanted competition between applicants is fierce.

Why Ask Questions

answersInterviewers and recruitment specialists sometimes would like to test their applicants’ interest in working for the company and gauge whether the candidates would stay with their firm for good.

To the hiring team, reacting to this question with queries may be a good sign, though not always.

What to Ask

While technically, there shouldn’t be any right or wrong responses, there are always impressive replies that can make a difference in your application.

Here are five of the most ideal questions to ask while being interviewed.

1. “What defines a successful employee for this post?”

While you may be given an overview of the job description before your application, asking your interviewer, this question will allow you to fully understand what the job and the company expect you to do.

2. Ask something specific, after sharing what you’ve researched.

Part of your preparation for any job interview should include research about the company and the position you’re eyeing. Though there may be some instances when you’ll be pulled or pushed along to apply without much knowledge or time, this question may still work.

Use this structure, “I’ve learned that your company does or works primarily with (insert what you’ve learned about the business). So what exactly do you do?”

3. “Can I meet my future colleagues?”

colegsThis inquiry will make your interviewer feel your vested interest in the role. However, make sure to practice so you won’t sound overboard. Too much confidence may kill your application.

If you’re lucky enough to be accommodated for a site tour during an interview, make the most out of it by paying attention to the working environment, culture, etc.

4. “What is the best part about working here?”

A job interview always works in two ways, one directed to the applicant and the other for the company. Asking your recruiter for some insights about their favorite perks of working in that office can give you a glimpse of what it’s like to work for them.

5. “Do you see any reason for me to fail this interview?”

Asking this question will give you a gist of what the recruiter thinks about your application. While not all recruiters will answer this question directly, this will work for you in the long run.

Take note of what your interviewer will advise you. Knowing your weaknesses can help you clarify any misconceptions or avoid the same mistakes on your next interviews.

Again, attending a job interview is not all about you. It’s all about you and all about the company, too. Asking questions won’t hurt. Better ask these queries or forever hold your peace.

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